Candidates who complete the registration process can attend the selected examination section s in the selected international location only I want to take schedule for Primerica
You will be provided with a non-programmable, non-printing calculator Exception only for the FDIC Series 91 and Series 92 exams Recommended Articles This has been a guide to the CPA Exam Schedule and Dates

Once you have completed the application process successfully and received the NTS from the concerned authority, the next step is to schedule your examination.

schedule the appointment within the NTS expiry period They must reapply within 5-7 days with the required application and examination fees to the concerned authority
CPA Exam Schedule and Dates
How do I schedule an appointment? Confirm your already scheduled appointment
scheduling free 120 at Prometric : step1
Are you ready to schedule your exam? Please note that any request to bring any personal belongings into the testing room or during online test delivery must be approved prior to scheduling your appointment
i have a problem regarding my certificate of employment Similar to any other clothing or jewelry, any religious items allowed to be worn in the testing room must remain on at all times
Scheduling Your Exam : Following the removal of the statewide mask requirement in some states, please note that Prometric continues to require all candidates to wear a face covering while present at a Prometric test center Private location Additional remote proctoring technical requirements include:• can you help me to know the problem

No electronic, photocopies or faxes of ID or of name change documentation will be accepted.

Access news, member benefits and ADA policy• Especially for first-time candidates, it is difficult to understand how exactly to go about it and choose their dates considering the 18-month duration window, notice-to-schedule NTS expiry period, score release dates, and other determinants
If you have not received or would like to request approval for an accommodation, please call FINRA's Candidate Services Team at: 800-999-6647 and select Option 2 to request accommodations
Prometric CFE Exam Transition
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